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Nationality United States, Massachusetts
Hobby Jogging, playing video games and spending time with my family

My wife and I always wanted to live in Japan for their pop culture and amazing food. But I discovered what I love the most were the people, especially the children. Their energetic spirits encourage me to be a better teacher and a parent. I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to contribute towards them becoming global citizens. In turn, I ask my adult classes to share and to expand on their answers. In my class, we talk a lot and laugh a lot, and most importantly, we are always learning something new.

素晴らしい文化やおいしい食べ物が好きで、妻と私は以前からずっと日本に住みたいと思っていました。でも今日本で暮すようになって気づいたことは、一番好きなのは人々で特に子ども達だということです。彼らのエネルギッシュな精神は自分をより良い先生なること、そしてより良い親になることへの力となってくれています。 そんな子ども達がグローバルな社会人として成長するためのお手伝いをする仕事に携われていることを嬉しく思います。また大人のクラスでは生徒の皆さんと様々な話題をシェアして、皆で意見を出し合い、たくさん話して、たくさん笑って、そして何より常に新しいことを学べるレッスンを心がけています。




Nationality New Zealand, Christchurch
Hobby Traveling, rugby, watching sports and watching movies

I studied International Business in Otago, New Zealand and is TESOL certified.
I formerly worked as an assistant language teacher (ALT) at junior high, elementary and nursery schools in Akita and Kanagawa prefecture. Although I specialise in teaching English to junior high students, I thoroughly enjoy elementary level as well. Through years of experience, I learned a lot about how limiting teaching talking time can be beneficial for students. That’s why when I teach children, I like to give students the necessary knowledge first through drilling. This enhances their talking time which hence improves their speaking ability. For adults, I like to create a positive and fun environment so that they have the confidence to speak up about various topics.

以前は、秋田県と神奈川県の保育園、小学校、中学校で語学教師(ALT)として働いていました。 私は中学生に英語を教えることを専門としていますが、小学生に教えることも同様に楽しんでいます。 長年の経験を通して、先生自身がしゃべりすぎないことが学生にとっていかに有益であるかについて多くのことを学びました。その学びから、私が子供たちに教えるときは、最初にドリルを通して必要な知識を教えるようにしています。そうすることで、彼らが話す時間が増え、彼らのスピーキング能力が高まるからです。大人の生徒には、さまざまな話題について自信を持って話すことができるよう、前向きで楽しい環境づくりを心掛けています。




Nationality United States, Hawaii
Hobby Photography, playing basketball/badminton, watching movies,traveling

My parents are third generation Japanese American. I came to Japan to experience Japanese life and learn more about their culture. I studied at J. F. Oberlin University for my final year of bachelor, I liked living here so much that I decided to stay to teach English. I enjoy the cultural exchange with my students, I enjoy helping them progress, and produce what they want to say. It’s important to tailor your teaching style to different audiences. Hopefully, everyone will have a good time in my class.






Nationality United States, Ohio
Hobby Cooking, hiking, traveling and searching for local Cafés to try

When I was a University student studying for my bachelor’s degree in Management, I participated in a study abroad program in Enoshima. This experience is what made me fall in love with Japan. I moved here shortly after graduating to teach English. Teaching kids classes is always a lot of fun, we play different games to help memorize and utilize vocabulary and sentence structures. Watching the children develop on their learning journey is extremely rewarding. I think the key to a successful learning environment is sharing laughter and experiences. This is also true when teaching adult classes, as they are heavily speaking oriented. In my time teaching, I have found that I am also learning alongside my students, and growing as an individual, as a teacher and as a global citizens.